[50% OFF] Dr.Bonie™ Orthopedic Bunion Corrector
[50% OFF] Dr.Bonie™ Orthopedic Bunion Corrector
[50% OFF] Dr.Bonie™ Orthopedic Bunion Corrector
[50% OFF] Dr.Bonie™ Orthopedic Bunion Corrector
[50% OFF] Dr.Bonie™ Orthopedic Bunion Corrector
[50% OFF] Dr.Bonie™ Orthopedic Bunion Corrector
[50% OFF] Dr.Bonie™ Orthopedic Bunion Corrector

[50% OFF] Dr.Bonie™ Orthopedic Bunion Corrector

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 “I purchased the Dr.Bonie for my mum. She said: This has been your best act since you've graduated. By the way, I'm 34 years old “ - Victoria, Texas


 Trying to avoid bunion surgery? Don't resign yourself to a life with bunion pain.

The Dr.Bonie™  is the perfect solution for effective toe correction and bunion relief. By wearing Dr.Bonie, it will gently realign toes to their natural position. It is adjustable to provide a comfortable fit and it fits all sizes and can be enjoyed by women and men alike. Join our many satisfied customers!


Dr.Bonie applies a 3-point pressure system to relieve the hallux valgus deformity and correct the big toes to their natural alignment. Ease big toe pain and soothe your sore feet at night. Get straightened toes the next day. Cure the pain in the big toe joint, tailors bunion, hallux valgus, and much more. Proven to be the safest and effective way to correct and prevent the bunion.



1 in 3 women suffers from a hallux valgus (bunion) symptom.

Dr.Bonie™ Successfully helped 95% of the bunion sufferers.

Bunions are an unsightly, painful thing you want to get rid of. You dread having to climb those long set of stairs, with every step sending you a shock of pain from your feet through your whole body. They can be a crippling thing that you wish would just disappear.

Dr.Bonie™  will get you back into cool shoes!

Natural vs Surgery

✅ Natural way 

  • You will not have to stay off your foot for many weeks.
  • No-Risk
  • No More Pain
  • Extended wear brace can be worn with socks and many shoe styles

❌ Surgery

  • You'll have to stay off your foot for many weeks. 
  • Complete recovery can take a year or more, depending on the procedure.
  • The more severe the bunion, the more complicated and risky the surgery.


 DURABLE - Made from high-quality medical-grade materials to provide maximum relief.

 BUNION RELIEF - The device is designed with built-in separators to keep your toes from rubbing against each other. This keeps them properly aligned and helps to correct bunions.

✅ DESIGNED WITH COMFORT IN MIND  - One size fits most. Breathable material makes your foot soft and comfortable!
 THICKENING SPONGE - Relieves bunion pain and protects the toe from injury.

EFFECTIVE -  Successfully helped 95% of the bunion sufferers. In case the bump is already formed, these premium bunion splints are professionally designed to reduce bunion pain and get you back on your feet.

If You Don't Act Today, These Issues May Get Worse!

  • Can you see a bunion or a hammertoe developing on your foot? If you let it grow without reacting you will feel more and more pain and it can cause severe health issues in the whole lower body.
  • You can't wear the shoes you want because of your feet conditions? We all love to wear our favorite shoes, but sometimes the pain is just not bearable.
  • Are your toes getting more and more misaligned? Toes misalignment can lead to severe feet issues as this can even affect the whole lower body and generate knees, hips or even back pains !
  • Did you try several solutions without any result? Not all solutions are efficient like shots, different gadget, shoes or even steroids ! It often treats the symptoms but not the root-cause, and the results are not visible.

It's time to act ...

When beginning, wearing them daily 20 minutes and slowly increasing daily 5 minutes until you get used to it the pressure.

Once you adapt to the pressure and feel comfortable with them, you can wear them the whole day until bunions are corrected. Be gentle and take it slowly with your toes. 


  • Size : 8.8*8.2*4.5CM
  • 100% Hygienic and Hypoallergenic.

Package Includes

  • Dr.Bonie™ (1pair)

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