HerSkirt™ Limited 2v1 Skirt
HerSkirt™ Limited 2v1 Skirt
HerSkirt™ Limited 2v1 Skirt
HerSkirt™ Limited 2v1 Skirt
HerSkirt™ Limited 2v1 Skirt
HerSkirt™ Limited 2v1 Skirt
HerSkirt™ Limited 2v1 Skirt
HerSkirt™ Limited 2v1 Skirt
HerSkirt™ Limited 2v1 Skirt
HerSkirt™ Limited 2v1 Skirt
HerSkirt™ Limited 2v1 Skirt
HerSkirt™ Limited 2v1 Skirt
HerSkirt™ Limited 2v1 Skirt
HerSkirt™ Limited 2v1 Skirt
HerSkirt™ Limited 2v1 Skirt
HerSkirt™ Limited 2v1 Skirt
HerSkirt™ Limited 2v1 Skirt
HerSkirt™ Limited 2v1 Skirt
HerSkirt™ Limited 2v1 Skirt
HerSkirt™ Limited 2v1 Skirt
HerSkirt™ Limited 2v1 Skirt
HerSkirt™ Limited 2v1 Skirt
HerSkirt™ Limited 2v1 Skirt

HerSkirt™ Limited 2v1 Skirt

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The ultimate Fast 'n Flirty Fitness 2 in 1 Skirt was born through polling thousands of women on what they wanted to see next! A longer-length, A-line design is simple, elegant, and fun! The built-in compression shorts feature deep smartphone pockets and a longer length which allows for more coverage and support. 


Heat + moisture / sweat + friction = rubbing!

Cover your thighs with these breathable skirt shorts to prevent your thighs from rubbing together. Look beautiful and avoid thigh shavings during your workout or on ultra-hot and humid days. 

This skirt was designed for everyone from Couch to 5k to the Ultra Marathoner to Tennis and has been approved for fit and function by thousands of women. And the fabric is light as a feather and you won't even realize you're running or playing in it!   


Breaking our products down by sport, with detailed information about functionality and fit. 

The biggest question we get is "Can I run in the cotton athletic skirt?"  Women all over the world run in this skirt. The Fast 'n Flirty Fitness 2 in 1 Skirt wick the moisture away from your body and made to breathe and allow the moisture to dissipate. This skirt fits on the hips and stays out of the way.  Provides great coverage while flattering almost every figure. 

Again, it is lightweight and is a stretchy system to fit you while you train and when you don't. The scrunched elastic back helps the skirt to expand and contract as your body speeds through the course while providing a flirty cascading cover over your derrière.  The scalloped edge and fit of the skirt flatters most figures and is designed technically to get you through the toughest of workouts.

These are great for bike shorts.  Cyclists like it for touring and getting off their bikes to eat, look at shops and sightsee. If you are touring on a week-long trip this skirt is a must, as it covers, flatters, and gives you two skirts in one. 

Yoga-inspired skirt.  Do what you do, when you do it.  Covers before, during, or after your class.   Namaste'

These so-called Golf skirts fit on the hips and are able to accommodate most private course rules. This classic athletic skirt is long enough to cover but short enough to stay out of the way.  Our Golf skirt is great if you want more coverage. Works for winter golfing too!

Tennis is a great sport.  Skirts have been a staple for tennis players throughout the past decades.  The difference with our skirts is that there are no attached tights, giving you the ability to wear them in all sorts of weather.  We are asked all the time do you have pockets in your skirt for the ball?  YES!  This skirt comes with a pocket that actually does fit a tennis ball.  These skirts are great for women's double partners and make a great two-person uniform.  

This skirt is wonderful for all racquet sports.  The breathable cotton fabric also works to help remove sweat on your hands.  

The rowing communities love our skirts for a quick cover before and after they get into those tiny little shells.  The usual uniform for a rower is a tight 'onesie' and our skirts are loved by many as they quickly throw it on after a race.  

So you are done with a day on the slopes and want to take off the wet snow pants....only to find yourself tying a sweater around your waist to hide your derriere.  Our skirts function as a cover for your sweet spot and a flattering fit for all after snow activities.  

You don't always have to strap on your athletic shoes to get a quick workout in.  Our skirts take you from activity to coffee at any moment.  The versatility of these skirts will make your busy lifestyle a breeze.  Walk at noon, walk in the morning...just walk! 

Aerial training is hard and women who accomplish this sport are amazing athletes.  Whether you are upside down or flipping around, our skirt gives you coverage

Never be uncovered again!  Our skirts allow you to look your best as you head into the local pub or eatery, after a long day on the slopes.  Some women love wearing just their tights, which we applaud!  But if you wish to be a bit more conservative...then we have just the perfect skirt for you! 

One gorgeous winter day + one fabulous skirt = Winter Fun!  

Heading out to wrangle up a few cows on your trusty steed?  yep, this skirt does everything.  If you happen to be a swing dancer, pick out a skirt that matches your favorite pair of boots, and not only will you be the cutest cowgirl on the dance floor, you will be the most comfortable



💕 Made with Light® 5-way stretch material for an ultra-lightweight feel 

💕 Comfort clothing for exercise, running, yoga, training, and fitness with opaque lining hides panties and cellulite

💕Sewn with compression to flatten the tummy for a wide waist flat and elasticity 

💕Absorb sweat quickly and dry fast

💕 Two layers, no see-through

💕 Built-in shorts with 2 pockets for small items, like mobile phones, etc., secure, and comfortable

💕 Comes with a lot of solid colors to choose from, a simple but eye-catching piece


Please measure your waist and hip before choosing a size. The waist size is the thinnest part of the waist and the hip size is the widest part of your hip.


    Size: Small to 3XL

    Material: 90% Polyester 10% Spandex

    Color: Black, Red, Blue, Light Gray, Orange, Pink, Purple, Light Green, Brown, White, Army Green, Wine Red


    1x HerSkirt™ Limited 2v1 Skirt

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