FlyOrb Drone - Flying Fidget Spinner
FlyOrb Drone - Flying Fidget Spinner
FlyOrb Drone - Flying Fidget Spinner
FlyOrb Drone - Flying Fidget Spinner
FlyOrb Drone - Flying Fidget Spinner

FlyOrb Drone - Flying Fidget Spinner

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The drone that spins, climbs, lights up with a flick of your wrist

FlyOrb Drone is a mind-blowing UFO-shaped flying spinner with an ingenious hidden drive mechanism that can perform incredible aerodynamic tricks and stunts. It takes a few minutes to master and it's a total blast to play alone or with friends. It can fly anywhere and is the absolute cure for boredom!

Light Up Any Room With This UFO Drone!🛸


🛸 Take it with you anywhere (anytime): Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand - play with the FlyOrb Drone whenever you feel the itch arise (whether that's in the kitchen, backyard, at the beach, or at the park!).

🛸 Lights up in the dark! Neon LED lights lining the outside and inside of the FlyOrb Drone make it an eye-catching toy extremely fun to play with at dusk.

🛸 Safe for children - Keep your loved ones entertained and educated for hours! FlyOrb Drone trains hand-eye coordination and makes for a fun workout - physically and mentally.

Just Flick Your Wrist

Just push the power button, hold the FlyOrb Drone upright, and then flick it forward to start. It's that simple. Throw your FlySpin into the air at different angles and watch it smoothly glide and fly through the air. 

It's Durable, Safe, & Fun

The FlyOrb Drone features an aerodynamic enclosed UFO design that gives it that smooth gliding flight when you’re throwing it. Your hands are always 100% safe when dealing with this UFO-like drone.

Its durable flat UFO-like design protects the FlySpin from trauma caused by bumps, falls, drops, and other forms of blunt impact.

Its long battery life gives your FlySpin 30 minutes of fly time.* All you need is a 20-minute charge.

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